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Posted on April 24, 2024
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The Superintendent shall be the professional advisor to the Board. As advisor to the Board, the Superintendent shall recommend policies to the Board for its consideration and should advise and counsel the Board on all matters.

EXECUTIVE OFFICER The Superintendent shall be the executive officer of the District. As executive officer, the Superintendent is responsible for carrying out all policies and rules and regulations established by the Board.

SPECIFIC DUTIES The Superintendent shall: 1. Meet with the Board except when the Superintendent's tenure, salary, or the administration of the Superintendent's office is under consideration; 2. See that the laws relating to the schools, the administrative regulations of the Kentucky Board of Education, and the policies of the Board are carried into effect; 3. Prepare, under the direction of the Board, all rules, procedures, bylaws, and statements of policy for review, approval and/or adoption by the Board; 4. Have general supervision, subject to the control of the Board, of the general conduct of the schools, the management of business affairs and, in accordance with state law, the course of instruction, and the discipline of pupils; 5. Make all appointments, promotions, and transfers of principals, supervisors, teachers, and other public school employees, and at the next Board meeting notify the Board of all personnel actions taken; 6. Exercise general supervision of the schools, examine their condition and progress, and keep informed of the progress in other districts; 7. Prepare or have prepared all budgets, salary schedules, and reports required by the Board and by the Kentucky Board of Education; 8. Determine the need of extension of the school system of the District; 9. Receive and examine reports from teachers and other school officers; 10. Make reports from time to time as directed by the Board; 11. Be responsible to the Board for the general condition of the schools; 12. Direct the planning, development, coordination and evaluation of the total operation of the system; 13. Delegate responsibilities appropriately, while remaining ultimately responsible to the Board for all programs; 14. Inform the Board and the community of the general progress and activities of the District's educational program; and 15. Perform other duties assigned by the Board. 16. Meet all training and continuing education requirements specified in statute and administrative regulations.